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Compose a 2250 words essay on Gender Equity. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The separate but equal approach ignores that men and women are not similarly situated in their relationships to athletics as a social institution” (Weistart, John C, p4).

“In 1971, before there was any significant activity under Title IX, approximately 290,000 girls were participating in high school sports.

In just six years, the number rose to more than 2 million. The obvious unanswered question is what this number would be after a couple of decades of adequate funding and vigorous enforcement of Title IX (Weistart, John C, p37).

However, the debate on Title IX continues at a lively or feverish pitch, depending on the prevailing situations at different academic institutions. The main complainants are the male coaches who are distraught to see their big, hard-earned bucks slip away to women sports. However, in certain cases such as the women’s basketball, Title IX is proving to be its worth. Women’s basketball has grown phenomenally in the United States (Weistart, John , p29).

Basically, it is an industry within academic institutions. The television is the protagonist.


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